Why US?

Why use our service?

Let’s face it; most Pakistan credit cards are not accepted on international brands’ websites, and mostly shipping is also not available for Pakistan. If you are lucky to beat these hurdles, your item will be shipped but the local government customs will impose more challenges such as clearance fees and unnecessary delays that eventually becomes a headache to deal with. Running in circles and eventually paying double the cost of product prices; in shape of bribes & other charges is what customers usually end up with when they try to have their products shipped directly!

Let us bridge that gap! We at importfox.com provide you with a solution to help you beat these challenges. Our team of import managers with 20+ yrs of experience in air cargo & customs clearance will ensure that your international shopping experience is walk in the park!

All you have to do is, checkout this video guide, which guides you on how to browse products & calculate bill Click here

Cheap and Efficient

Our service charges are unbelievably low; the best part is that you know beforehand what we are charging as soon as you place your order. No surprises or estimations that will make you feel like you have been ripped off at the time of delivery.

Easy to Order Process

Our Order Booking process is super-easy. That also tells you a complete break-up of charges on top of product prices. If you’re confused about how does it work; follow steps in this video guide:

Efficient Delivery

No excuses, within 10 business days of placing your order, we ensure everything gets to you in great packing! We discard shoe-boxes as it consumes a lot of volume but we try to include all other sorts of packing that we get from the brand!

Unlimited Shopping

You can order as much as possible from various different brands at the same time and there is absolutely no need of sharing your credit card information. All orders are usually plugged together to be delivered to you.